Light Rare Earth Metals

PurityLight Rare Earth MetalsUnitsPricesMonth % ChangePrevious Month EndYear to Date % Change Year End 31.Dec.22
>99%LANTHANUM (La)$ USD/ lb.1.64-0.041.71-0.041.71
>99.5%LANTHANUM OXIDE (La₂O₃)$ USD/ lb.0.440.440.44
>99%CERIUM (Ce)$ USD/ lb.1.741.740.021.71
>99.5%CERIUM OXIDE (CeO₂)$ USD/ lb.0.450.450.45
>99%PRAESODYMIUM (Pr)$ USD/ lb.51.51-0.1158.07-0.1661.35
>99.5%PRAESODYMIUM OXIDE (Pr₂O₃)$ USD/ lb.38.39-0.1344.29-0.1645.60
>99.5%NEODYMIUM (Nd)$ USD/ lb.47.90-0.1757.42-0.2462.66
>99.5%NEODYMIUM OXIDE (Nd₂O₃)$ USD/ lb.40.03-0.1346.26-0.2150.53
>99.9%SAMARIUM OXIDE (Sm₂O₃)$ USD/ lb.0.920.92-0.070.98
>99%LANTHANUM (La)$ USD/ kg.3.62-0.043.76-0.043.76
>99.5%LANTHANUM OXIDE (La₂O₃)$ USD/ kg.0.960.960.96
>99%CERIUM (Ce)$ USD/ kg.3.833.830.023.76
>99.5%CERIUM OXIDE (CeO₂)$ USD/ kg.0.980.980.98
>99%PRAESODYMIUM (Pr)$ USD/ kg.113.56-0.11128.02-0.16135.26
>99.5%PRAESODYMIUM OXIDE (Pr₂O₃)$ USD/ kg.84.63-0.1397.65-0.16100.54
>99.5%NEODYMIUM (Nd)$ USD/ kg.105.60-0.17126.58-0.24138.15
>99.5%NEODYMIUM OXIDE (Nd₂O₃)$ USD/ kg.88.24-0.13101.99-0.21111.39
>99.9%SAMARIUM OXIDE (Sm₂O₃)$ USD/ kg.2.032.03-0.072.17

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